Slingshot Fishing Arrows


5 Pack Of Fishing Arrows for $4. You wont find these darts anywhere else for less than a dollar a piece.

  • Stainless steel fishing arrow in pack of 5.
  • Arrow barb designed to stay in fish as you reel it in.
  • Length is about 5 and 5/8 inches.
  • Can be used with slingshot, wrist rocket, or crossbow.

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5 Pack of Fishing Arrows.

Pack of Slingshot Arrows for Fishing

  • Arrowhead’s are threaded and can be replaced.
  • A groove in the arrow head allows you to attach to your slingshot.
  • Each arrow has barbs to help stay in the fish when you reel in.
  • Threaded cap with loop ring so you can tie to your fishing line.