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  • Sale! UV Flashlight that will probably break after one outting

    Crappy UV Light


    Crappy UV Light

    • Crappy UV Light made in China
    • Guaranteed to work 1 and half times
    • It says waterproof but I wouldn’t trust it
    • Seriously I would even avoid sneezing on it
    • Charge your glow in the dark baits
    • Comes with a battery I took out of my remote control and is probably half charged
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  • Fishing Slingshot The Carp Killer

    Fishing Slingshot


    Fishing Slingshot Kit for carp and other invasive species. Scroll down to bottom of page to view accessories. Check out the assembly video for setup questions.

    • Slingshot and fishing reel
    • 3 fishing arrows with barbs so the arrow stays in the fish.
    • 3 rubber bands designed to work with fishing arrows
    • 3 interchangeable wrist guards
    • A traditional slingshot wrist band
    • 3 hex wrenches and one screwdriver
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  • Slingshot Fishing Arrows for wristrocket

    Slingshot Fishing Arrows


    5 Pack Of Fishing Arrows for $4. You wont find these darts anywhere else for less than a dollar a piece.

    • Stainless steel fishing arrow in pack of 5.
    • Arrow barb designed to stay in fish as you reel it in.
    • Length is about 5 and 5/8 inches.
    • Can be used with slingshot, wrist rocket, or crossbow.
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  • Slingshot Bands for Fishing Arrows

    Slingshot Fishing Bands


    5 pack of slingshot fishing bands for $4. Best price you will find on the Internet.

    • Ultra strong rubber bands for fishing sling shot.
    • Band connects to groove in fishing arrow.
    • Red color to match what the carp will soon look like.
    • Creates a thwock noise when you fire that makes you feel alive.


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