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We source our fishing equipment from small batch creators. Most of this construction happens in peoples houses or garages. When you buy from tugfish.com you aren’t supporting a huge conglomerate. You’re supporting the folks that live in your community and fish at your same fisheries.

We can help you start your fishing business. Let’s say you decide to start making your own fishing lures. You do your research, you buy all the equipment, and make an awesome lure. The next steps are where most fishing related small businesses fail. You need to create a company name, a logo, attract customers, package your lures and ship them. Not to mention trying to worry about all the transactions between you and the customers.

At Tugfish.com we can purchase your lures from you at wholesale. We can create a logo for you. We will source packaging for your lures, and put your new logo on the packaging. We handle all the marketing to attract new customers. We help build your brand. Then sell and ship the lures to the customers. We do all the annoying stuff so you can focus on the part of your business that you love.

Meet the team

Jeremy Vandermeyden

Jeremy Vandermeyden Co Owner

Jeremy is a very talented welder, mechanic, creator, and family man. He can out hike a mountain goat, is an amazing hunter, and he can scare bears away with a single clap of his hands. Jeremy almost always out fishes his brother

Josh Vandermeyden Co Owner Tugfish

Josh Vandermeyden Co Owner

Josh has a background in tech and has mostly worked in video game development, virtual reality, and enjoys blogging about fishing in Utah. He runs Junesucker.com, and keeps Tugfish up and running. He loves his family and is convinced his brother cheats at fishing.


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