Shipping in the USA

Shipping anywhere in the United States is just $5

We typically ship USPS because it is cheaper and ships faster than other major carriers.. During the holiday season November to January we typically ship UPS. If you have a preference of company please add that as a note during checkout.

We have a flat shipping rate of $5 for orders under $49.99. If you spend $50 or more, the shipping fee will be waived. If you spend $100 or more we will wave the shipping fee and throw in an extra sticker.

Shipping international or outside of the USA

International shipping flat rates are for packages under 4 pounds only. That is 1.81437 Kilograms for those folks using metric.

Canada flat rate $14.95

All other countries $17.77


I thought all packages shipped out of Eagle Mountain, Utah? Why does the tracking show the first scan was in Las Vegas, Phoenix, Denver, Boise, or some other city?

All packages ship from Eagle Mountain, Utah or the nearest post office or UPS store. USPS often will ship packages to a major sorting center. This is common during the holiday season. Packages labels are printed before we get to the post office so we don’t have to wait in line. If we bypass the line the first scan will be from the sorting center. This is typically from the Salt Lake hub. However, I’ve had instances where I’ve shipped a package a mile from my home. USPS then sorts the package at their hub in Denver. After Denver the package is shipped to Las Vegas, then to the salt lake hub then back to Eagle Mountain. This is why we use UPS during the holiday season.

I just received a tracking number. When will the package be shipped?

Orders that are received by 1pm typically go out the same day. Orders received after 1pm will go out the following morning.

My tracking number still says USPS has not received the package. When are you going to ship it?

We typically print the shipping label then immediately drop off the package at USPS/UPS. If there is a line at USPS we do no wait in line to get the package scanned. We drop the package in the package drop. So the tracking number will not update until the package is sorted at a major hub. For instance if we drop a package off at 9am. The next expected scan will be after 7pm that day when it hits the Salt Lake City sorting hub. If the packages is routed to another major city hub, the tracking will not update until the next day.

How will my Fishing supplies be shipped?

Packages are typically shipped in a poly bubble wrap bag. The packages are tear proof and have an easy open flap. All of our packages are branded with our logo. If you’re giving the contents as a gift, please request “discreet gift shipping” on the note at checkout.

Do you offer local free pickup?

Absolutely. Reach out to us via our support email below. We can give you a checkout code that will grant free shipping. Then we can discuss pickup instructions. Pickup is in Eagle Mountain, Utah. We typically can beat Amazon’s shipping times. So if you’re in a hurry local pickup may not be needed.

If you have any questions at all please reach out to us at [email protected]