Weezer’s Kites – Kites Original – Pink White


Weezer’s Kites – Kites Original – Pink White

  • Tie the Kites Original a couple of feet in front of your lure.
  • You can troll, cast, or jig with the KO.
  • They also work for ice fishing.
  • Increases catch rate.

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Weezer’s Kites – Kites Original – Pink White

The Kites original creates a unique vibration in the water. This vibration is picked up by a fishes lateral lines. Fish use their lateral lines to determine where food is in water. This is how the Kites Original attracts more fish to your lure.

A lateral line is made of a series of U-shaped tubes. Every time the water outside the U vibrates because of a sound, a tiny hair at the base of the U wiggles, which sends a nerve signal to the brain. The fishes brain translates the wiggle into information about where the vibration came from. Fish use lateral lines to find food, escape predators and keep away from obstacles.